Top 10 Joe Rogan Podcasts on Space, UFOs, and The Universe

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Welcome to our list of the Top 10 Joe Rogan Podcasts on Space, Aliens, and The Universe. Joe Rogan is one of the most popular podcast hosts in the world and has interviewed some of the most influential scientists and thought leaders in the world. He has hosted a wide variety of guests ranging from astrophysicists to astronauts to filmmakers and entrepreneurs. In this list, we will be exploring some of his best podcasts related to space, aliens, and the universe. We will hear from scientists, filmmakers, and other experts on topics such as astrobiology, extraterrestrial life, and the future of space travel. We hope you enjoy exploring this fascinating and ever-growing field of knowledge with us.

1. Exploring the Possibilities of Life on Other Planets: Elon Musk Discuss the Possibilities

In a recent podcast, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk discussed the possibilities of life on other planets. The conversation between the two thought leaders quickly delved into the inspiring possibilities of the future.

Rogan and Musk both agreed that the universe is vast, and the potential for life beyond our planet is very real. Musk opened up about his own vision for the future – a future where humans have expanded across the galaxy, making their home on multiple planets.

He argued that the only way to truly explore the possibilities of life on other planets is to actually go there and investigate. Musk stated that he hopes to send a manned mission to Mars in the next decade and possibly even send a colony of people to live and work on the red planet.

Rogan, who is an advocate for exploration, expressed his enthusiasm for the idea. He expressed his belief that by exploring these possibilities, we can learn more about our own planet and the life we have here. Musk agreed, saying that exploring new planets and understanding their environment could lead to new discoveries that could help us understand our own planet better.

The two thought leaders discussed the technology required to make such a mission a reality. Musk explained that while the technology is still being developed, he is confident that it will soon be ready to launch such a mission. He also discussed the importance of having the right people on board, as they will need to be innovative problem solvers and have the right mindset to make such a mission successful.

The conversation between Rogan and Musk was both inspiring and thought-provoking. It highlighted how exploration could open up possibilities and lead to new discoveries and understanding. With the right technology and people, the possibilities of life on other planets are very real.

2. Joe Rogan’s Take on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

For many of us, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is an ongoing quest to uncover the mysteries of the universe and explore the potential for other intelligent life in the cosmos. For decades, scientists have been searching the depths of space to try and make contact with other civilizations and unlock the secrets of our universe.

Recently, famous podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan have been vocal about his support for the SETI program. In an interview with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Rogan expressed his enthusiasm for the search. “I think it’s an amazing thing,” he said. “The idea that there could be life out there, it’s a really exciting thing, and I want to see the results.”

Rogan is not alone in his support for the SETI program. Many leading figures in science and technology have endorsed the cause, including Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Gates. They believe that searching for extraterrestrial intelligence is a necessary step toward understanding our place in the universe.

The SETI program is a powerful reminder of the infinite possibilities that exist beyond our own world. It serves as an inspiring example of the power of human curiosity and our willingness to explore the unknown. As Rogan said, “It’s a really exciting thing, and I want to see the results.” It’s clear that he, along with many others, is eager to see what the search for extraterrestrial intelligence has to offer.

3. Conversation with Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on Our Place in the Universe

On a cool night in August, renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson descended upon the Joe Rogan podcast to share his insights on humanity’s place in the universe. From the vastness of galaxies to the vastness of the individual, Tyson shed light on the potential of every person on the planet.

The conversation began with Tyson discussing the sheer scale of the universe, from the millions of galaxies to the trillions of stars, and the thought that Earth is but one of many planets that exist in the cosmos. “We are mere specks of dust in a cosmic sea,” he said. “We are, in a sense, a microcosm of the entire universe.”

The two went on to discuss how this understanding of our place in the grand scheme of things has shaped human history. Tyson believes that this perspective has allowed humanity to open up to the potential of its own potential. “When you look out into the universe, you realize that human greatness is possible,” he said. “We can achieve great things, and we can move beyond our own biases and prejudices if we can look beyond our own planet.”

Tyson and Rogan also discussed the importance of science and how it can be used as a tool to explore and better understand the universe. Tyson stressed the importance of curiosity and exploration and how this can lead to greater knowledge and understanding. “Science is the most powerful tool we have to explore the unknown,” he said. “And it is through science that we can understand our place in the universe.”

The conversation ended with Tyson discussing the importance of using this understanding of our place in the universe to inspire people to take action. He believes that when we look out into the universe, we not only gain an understanding of our own potential but also see the potential of others. “We need to use our understanding of the universe to help others reach their potential,” he said. “We have to use our knowledge of the universe to inspire everyone to strive for greatness and make a positive difference in the world.”

Through this conversation, Tyson and Rogan have given us a unique perspective on our place in the universe and how it can be used to inspire and empower us. In the words of Tyson, “We are not just specks of dust in a cosmic sea, but part of something larger, something that can help us reach our full potential.”

4. Joe Rogan Interviews Astronaut Chris Hadfield on His Space Adventures

Chris Hadfield has been to space—twice. His first journey was on the Space Shuttle Atlantis in 1995, and his second journey was to the International Space Station in December 2012. As the first Canadian commander of the ISS, Hadfield made history by becoming the first Canadian to walk in space.

In an inspiring interview with Joe Rogan, Hadfield shared his remarkable story of adventure and exploration. From the moment he first looked out of a spacecraft and saw the beauty of Earth from space, Hadfield knew he wanted to make a career out of space exploration.

Hadfield described the physical and emotional toll of spaceflight, from launch to re-entry. He spoke about the importance of teamwork in space and how he and his crewmates had to rely on each other for survival. He also discussed the challenges of working in zero gravity and the thrill of performing spacewalks.

Hadfield also shared his perspective on life on Earth. He talked about the importance of protecting our planet and the unique view of global problems he got from his time in space. Hadfield believes that space exploration can give us hope, and he hopes to inspire others to reach for the stars.

Hadfield is a living example of what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. Through his interview with Joe Rogan, Hadfield shared his incredible story of exploration and the power of space exploration to bring us together. His words are sure to inspire future generations of astronauts and adventurers.

5. Joe Rogan and Brian Cox Explore the Wonders of Space Exploration

Space exploration is a thrilling journey of discovery and adventure that has captivated the minds of people for centuries. Recently, renowned scientists Joe Rogan and Brian Cox have had an illuminating conversation about the wonders of space exploration.

The two discussed the history of space exploration, from the first satellite to the first man on the moon, and its potential for the future. Rogan and Cox spoke with awe and admiration of the incredible advancements in technology and science that have enabled humankind to explore beyond Earth.

Rogan and Cox highlighted the importance of space exploration in advancing human understanding of our universe. They discussed the potential for uncovering new knowledge, such as the presence of extraterrestrial life, and the implications of this discovery. They also spoke of the potential for developing new technology in the search for habitable planets and the potential for space travel.

The conversation was filled with optimism and excitement for what the future may bring. Rogan and Cox both highlighted the progress that has been made so far and spoke of the great potential for space exploration to unlock new secrets and benefits for humans.

Rogan and Cox also discussed the risks involved in space exploration. They spoke of the dangers of radiation, extreme temperatures, and other factors that can endanger astronauts. They also discussed the importance of taking precautions to protect astronauts and the environment.

Rogan and Cox’s conversation was inspirational and captivating. Their enthusiasm for space exploration was contagious and left listeners with a greater appreciation for the potential of space exploration. With the continued advancements in technology and science, the possibilities of space exploration are seemingly endless.

6. Joe Rogan’s Discussion With Astronomer Carl Sagan on the Possibility of Aliens

On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan had the pleasure of speaking with the late Carl Sagan, Astronomer, and Astrophysicist. During their discussion, the two discussed the possibility of life beyond our planet and what that might mean for humanity.

Sagan began by discussing how, while he couldn’t absolutely prove that life exists beyond Earth, he believed it was highly likely. He discussed the sheer number of planets that exist in the universe, the vast distances between them, and how this made it much more likely that there was some form of life on at least one of them.

Rogan asked Sagan what he thought humanity would do if we discovered life beyond our planet, and Sagan replied that it would be a huge moment for us as a species. He went on to explain that it would open up a whole new world of possibilities for us and would likely cause us to re-examine our place in the universe.

The conversation then turned to the potential implications of discovering alien life, with Sagan pointing out that it would be impossible to predict how we would react. He argued that it could lead to a greater understanding of our place in the universe, or it could cause us to become more isolationist and scared of the unknown.

The discussion ended with Sagan expressing his hope that if we were to find aliens, they would be friendly and eager to share their knowledge with us. He also stressed the importance of understanding our place in the universe and working together to ensure the survival of our species.

The conversation between Joe Rogan and Carl Sagan was both inspiring and thought-provoking. It highlighted Sagan’s belief that we are not alone in the universe and that we should embrace the possibility of discovering life beyond our planet. Whether we discover aliens or not, Sagan’s message is one of hope and unity, and it is one that should be embraced and celebrated by all.

7. Podcast with Scientist Michio Kaku About the Possibility of Time Travel

It’s a common theme in science fiction movies and books – time travel. But could it ever be a reality? Recently, renowned scientist Michio Kaku sat down with Joe Rogan to discuss the possibility of time travel and what it would mean for the future of humanity.

Kaku began by discussing the concept of time travel as it pertains to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. He explained that, according to the Theory, time is relative and not absolute, meaning that we can travel forward and backward in time. However, Kaku warned that time travel is a much more complicated process than it appears in the movies. He noted that it would require tremendous amounts of energy and extremely advanced technology.

Kaku also discussed the implications of time travel on humanity. He suggested that it could be used to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as poverty and climate change. He also noted that it could enable us to explore distant galaxies and even travel back in time to witness historical events.

Finally, Kaku offered his own thoughts on the possibility of time travel. While he believes that it is theoretically possible, he cautioned that it is a long way off. He believes that it will take many years of hard work and innovation before we are able to make time travel a reality.

Kaku’s discussion with Rogan highlights the potential of time travel and the opportunities it presents for humanity. While it may be a long way off, it is certainly an exciting prospect that could have a profound impact on the future of our species.

8. Joe Rogan’s Interview with Physicist Stephen Hawking on the Nature of Time and Space

In one of his most illuminating interviews, Joe Rogan sat down with the legendary physicist Stephen Hawking to discuss the nature of time and space.

As Hawking explained, time and space are intertwined in a way that can be difficult to comprehend. He spoke about the concept of time dilation, which is the idea that time moves slower for objects moving at speeds close to the speed of light than it does for objects at rest. Hawking explained that this phenomenon is caused by changes in the space-time continuum and that it has been verified through experiments in which particles are accelerated to nearly the speed of light.

Hawking also discussed the concept of black holes, which he described as places in space-time where the idea of time and space break down. He explained that objects that enter black holes have no way of escaping and that time is effectively frozen for them.

The conversation between Joe Rogan and Hawking was truly inspirational. Hawking’s deep understanding of the universe and his ability to explain complex scientific concepts in simple terms were awe-inspiring. His passion for science was evident in his every word, and his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge with others was contagious.

This interview provided a unique glimpse into the mind of one of the greatest minds of our time. Through his discussion with Joe Rogan, Stephen Hawking provided us with a greater understanding of the complexities of time and space, and his words will no doubt continue to inspire generations of scientists to come.

9. Joe Rogan’s Conversation with Physicist Brian Greene on String Theory and the Multiverse

On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, renowned physicist Brian Greene joined host Joe Rogan to discuss string theory and the multiverse. Greene, whose grasp of the complex theories of quantum physics is legendary, explained the intricate concepts in a way that was both accessible and inspirational.

Greene began by introducing string theory, which he described as a mathematical model of the universe that looks at the fundamental particles of matter as one-dimensional strings vibrating in a higher-dimensional space. He then moved on to discuss the multiverse or the idea that there are multiple universes, each with its own laws of physics.

As Greene explained, the multiverse is a difficult concept to wrap one’s mind around, but he encouraged listeners to keep an open mind and to consider that there are possibilities beyond the scope of our current understanding. He also discussed the potential implications of the multiverse, such as the fact that anything that can happen, does happen, and that our universe might just be one of many.

Greene’s conversation with Rogan was both illuminating and thought-provoking. He was able to break down complex concepts into understandable terms and provided an inspirational look into the possibilities of our universe and beyond.

10. Joe Rogan and Astronomer Jill Tarter Discuss the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

On a crisp autumn night, Joe Rogan and renowned astronomer Jill Tarter discussed the search for extraterrestrial life with a sense of awe, wonder, and inspiration.

The conversation between Joe and Jill was filled with enthusiasm and optimism as they discussed the possibilities of life beyond Earth. Jill spoke of her dedication to the search and her mission to identify and understand the universe around us. She described the technology that could potentially make first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization a reality and how this technology could revolutionize science as we know it.

Joe and Jill discussed the hurdles that must be overcome before we can make contact with an alien species. They discussed the challenges of finding the right frequency, energy, and distance to make contact. They discussed the need for an effective communication system and the importance of proper funding for this kind of research. They both agreed that the search for extraterrestrial life is a monumental task requiring a combination of ambition, intention, and knowledge.

The conversation between Joe and Jill served as a reminder of the importance of exploration and discovery. As Jill said, “we have to try to push the boundaries of what we know and to never stop searching for knowledge.” Their discussion highlighted the importance of curiosity, innovation, and the courage to take risks in order to make progress.

It was a night of insight and inspiration as Joe Rogan, and Jill Tarter discussed the search for extraterrestrial life. The conversation was a reminder of our responsibility to explore the universe and to never give up hope of finding something new and extraordinary.


The Top 10 Joe Rogan Podcasts on Space, Aliens, and The Universe have given us a fascinating insight into the mysteries of the universe. From discussions with renowned scientists to conversations with astronauts and UFO hunters, the topics covered in these podcasts have opened our eyes to the possibilities out there. We now know that there is much more to explore in the universe than we ever thought possible. With new technologies and perspectives, it is sure to be an exciting future of space exploration.

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